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Britain’s Failure of Compassion

Today, we are faced with nightly film of refugees fleeing to Europe from war, terror, persecution, poverty, famine, drought and environmental degradation. Nobody can be in any doubt of desperation of these people. But compassion has deserted us.

We have learned the valuable lesson that foreign military intervention is not a zero-cost means of salving our consciences. We have not learned that the only practical answer is to offer refugees shelter and comfort, even if we risk acquiring a reputation for being a ‘soft touch’.

There is still a clamour that ‘something must be done’ but the ‘something,’ it seems, is to ‘deal with’ the people traffickers, as though the terrible conditions that drive refugees to seek a new life would then become more tolerable.


Self Immolation: A Reality

The world seems to look away and ignore the fact that more than 125 people have taken part in self-immolation protests within Tibet; an act of sacrifice where Tibetans have chosen to set themselves alight.

The Chinese authorities try to brush off these acts by blaming them on the Damai Lama. It’s funny how just they overlook the faults because the world wants the power of China.

The involved parties don’t just involve men, women, teachers but nuns, monks and even children have decided to take part in this act of non-violence.

Just think about the sheer amount of discipline and focus it must have taken to not flinch, scream, or show any pain as his body turns to ash.


Truth is the first casualty of war.